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Autoplay Menu Designer Makes Easy Autorun Menu

Autoplay Menu Designer makes easy autorun menu for CD-ROM, DVD, USB.It is a powerful authoring tool for rapid creation of a professional-looking autorun menu for CD-ROM, DVD and USB Flash drives. Using the library of pre-built templates and point-and-click design environment, you can quickly create a CD menu for software installation disks, magazine cover disks, product catalogs, business presentations and e-learning tutorials without a waste of time and a single string of code! The program can make a nice tool for home users who can use it to create an autoplay CD with family video or photos for the home media collection or to be used as hand-made gift for friends or colleagues on birthdays and anniversaries.
Autoplay Menu Designer is extremely easy to learn and use. It takes only a few minutes for a beginner to learn the interface and other few minutes to make a basic autorun menu. To get started, you need to select the layout from the library of pre-built templates of autoplay CD menus, add content and navigation. Just drag and drop shapes, buttons, lines, arrange them on the page, key in text, embed video and add interactive events to link pages and objects between each other and that's just about everything you need to do.

The Build Project wizard will help you to package the CD menu project for deployment on the CD-ROM automatically, so you just sit back and watch. After that, you drag and drop the output onto the CD disk and burn the CD menu with built-in CD burner.

The program is jampacked with many kinds of objects and interactive events that let you produce an autoplay CD menu just the way you want. You can add annotations, move them to different screen locations and change their visual style such as color, fond and size. You can also add shapes, polylines, pictures, embed RTF text viewer, Flash video, web browsers and media player. Using the alignment options and the grid, you can arrange the objects on the page to produce a perfectly aligned design. To add interactivity to the CD menu, the program provides you with many interactive events, so that the user can navigate through the autorun CD by clicking buttons, links and perform different tasks.

For example, you can set the button to display a tooltip when the user places the mouse pointer over and run an application or play a Macromedia Flash video when a button click occurs.

Autoplay Menu Designer Feature Overview

  • Get started quickly with your first autorun menu by selecting from the library of many customizable layout designs, including software installation menus, electronic magazines, marketing brochures.
  • Save time and efforts by adding ready-to-use design elements to the CD menu, including rectangles, ellipses, polylines, arrows and buttons.
  • Engage users with rich multimedia content by embedding Macromedia Flash video, RTF text viewer, web browsers and media player to the autoplay CD menu.
  • Enhance color and tone of images by using built-in filters that correct hue, saturation, lightness.
  • Add shadow, transparency to images to create incredibly beautiful visual effects.
  • Align, arrange and lock objects to produce a perfectly aligned layout design for the CD menu.
  • Take advantage of the rich library of interaction events to provide easy navigation through the autorun menu content.
  • Build CD menus with unlimited number of pages and pages embedded in pages.
  • Get instant previews of your autoplay CD menus with your content to identify and fix problems in design or navigation before packaging the project for deployment.
  • Create resizable windows of any shape that shrink and reposition to adjust to the new window size.
  • Enable language support for autorun CD menus.

  • If you want a simple and effective way to produce interactive autoplay CD menus for CD-ROM, DVD and USB Flash Drive, Autoplay Menu Designer is an excellent choice that requires little effort and costs little.

    You can download and try this software on the visualdesigning.com site.

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